Burn by Kaitlyn Snead, Ramstein HS, 9

Broken bones

Sticks and stones

Blazing in flames

It’s all the same

Falling to ash at my feet

My blinded eyes can’t see

But I’m moving…


The ties of the fires

Bending like a wire

Burning all the wind black

Destroying all of our tracks

The wisps of the flames, always turn

Flowing off to go and burn


Flickers of burning heat

All of it starts to seep through me

Reaching my feet, to tingle my skin

It begins before it melts me again

So slowly I blend, with the red wisps

Drinking away my life with one last kiss

But I still live…


The ties of the fire

Breaking my desires

Scorching all of my entire back

To leaves its gruesome mark intact

The hope I once had, now gone, and turned

All because of the red, that’s making me burn


As I fall

Through the floor

Where I land

In the cool of the sand

The wind is smooth

So soft, it sooths

I begin to heal

But I begin to feel…


The once blazing flames

Now calm and tame

Underneath my fingertips

A breath passes through my lips

The ashes blow away, turning to the sand

Flowing off to go and start a fire again.